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raising our voices for immigrant rights and global justice

On Mayday I marched to the White House to rally for immigrant rights. I had learned of the protest several months before through David Thurston of Casa de Maryland. When I walked up to the park where the first rally had been planned, David, the consummate organizer, juggling multiple tasks, handed me a clipboard and asked, “Can you do press sign-in?” But of course I could do press sign-in!

I was there because I care deeply about creating a more people-centered, sustainable global economy. The global justice movement is the immigrant rights movement. We call for an end to unfair neoliberal and hyper-capitalist policies that force people to migrate in the first place. These policies, imposed by institutions like the IMF, World Bank, and WTO, take food right off of the tables of working families in poor countries, impose harmful free trade policies, property taxes, and other unfair laws. Once these policies are in place, people often have no recourse than to leave the rural homestead to look for a job in the city. (Spurring rural-to-urban migration has been part of a popular development strategy, as engineered by those in power, even though it is incredibly harmful, disruptive, and an entirely wrong-headed long-term strategy.) If the city’s economy isn’t big enough to accommodate all of these job-seekers, they start looking to other countries.

No matter where people migrate, everyone has a right to their basic needs – food, clothing, shelter, and autonomy. In my view, the best solution is for people to have the freedom to stay in their hometown and not have to migrate in the first place.

For the rest of the day I assisted the organizers by doing what I love to do: Expand the impact of the day’s events by getting the voices of people doing great work into newspapers, magazines, radio and online media, and getting their faces in front of the hefty cameras of network news. Changing the world starts with just raising your voice.

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