Lacy MacAuley


a home for my pen, projects, and passions

if they have stolen

if our words feel limp and lifeless
if our voices don’t feel at home
we will choose song
with passion that can never be captured

if the masters have stolen
the word for love
we will give them blood
so that they know our minds

if the business man
with his unhappy eyes
his meek exploits that he mistakes for joy
so sad from all the times he has bent others to breaking point
thinks he can enter this land of green abundance
by a false smile glinting in this deep forest like a sword in battle
we will soak him and cleanse him
in the tears of those he killed

if there is a wound
that cries from red-blood throats
from the child lying in a white room with closed windows
we will break open the wall
and let the loving arms of the sun
cover us in truthfulness


Filed under: activism, lacy's life, poems, thoughts and philosophies

2 Responses

  1. yes!
    thank you for this persistence.
    this hope.
    this conviction.

  2. p.s…..
    your blog is so intelligent and connected.
    if you don’t mind, i’d like to add you to my blogroll.

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