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have your electronics been tampered with?

There are plenty of fairly pointless signs at the airport, such as the sign that I almost walked flat into a few moments ago that read “Caution, Stay Alert!” (and nothing else).

But this sign that advises those waiting in line at the Chicago O’Hare security checkpoint that laptops must be taken out of their bag to “ensure that the electronics have not been tampered with” must raise more questions than it answers. I guess it was designed to be a helpful answer to a common query, but it makes me fairly concerned that TSA personnel don’t realize that you can house quite a lot of nitrous oxide in the sleek casing of your average iBook.

And how is it that I’m not allowed to have electronics that have been tampered with? Does TSA care if I’ve replaced my hard drive? What exactly does “electronics” mean anyway? What about that time that I clicked on the “ILOVEYOU” virus and lived to tell the tale?

Fun little rants like this, thumbed in on my iPhone on my way home from Reagan National Airport after a trip to Chicago, are exactly why I downloaded the WordPress iPhone app. Great way to stay amused underground.


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