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david pick up your hammer, a poem

David is a man
He does all he can
He’s a little bit worried about Pakistan
and he’s jumping at the bit to go and bomb Iran
Yes David is only human
What did Muhammad do to deserve this?
Did he simply out-compete the man betrayed by a kiss?
The wounds are still fresh from the fourteenth century?
What does Greco-Roman have to do with me?

Don’t you build that wall
Don’t you live in fear
The clouds will lift
and it will all be clear

David is a man
He doesn’t understand
Why did his father have to take this land?
How can he open up his fist and extend a hand?
Yes David is only human

David, you could be a star
Be a hundred thousand light-years from where you are
Go and meet what you’re afraid of, and it isn’t far
Yes live in love, and be a star

David, pick up your hammer
David, break down the wall


Filed under: activism, antiwar, global justice, human welfare, poems

One Response

  1. hotsauce says:

    Nice. Thanks! No walls-we are all one.

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