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scrambled: Barack Obama’s face on egg

A Singapore news website called simply “The Business Times” posted this excellent article about a possible trade war between the US and China. One thing left me perplexed, though. What on earth could have possessed them to use this totally random photo of a man carving Barack Obama’s face on an egg?

“No, you idiot, the phrase is ‘he’s got egg on his face,’ not ‘face on egg!'” I can just hear the editors now in some cramped little newsroom in Singapore. But then again that might be giving the news website too much credit. They may have just gotten the photos “scrambled” and used the wrong one? Or maybe they just went loopy after putting their brains on drugs? (You remember that famous commercial from the 1980s.) Either way, I think their use of the photo was a bit weak, almost over-easy.

Umm... maybe they got the photo and the story "scrambled."


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