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ran away with the band?

MISSING: Is it the mini-skirt or the "Pantera" T-shirt that makes me think this young lady simply ran away with Metallica and crew?

This “MISSING” poster was spotted in Staunton, Virginia. Last seen wearing a black mini skirt, knee-high boots, and a T-shirt that says “Pantera”? Something to me says that this girl is in charge of her own destiny. I do hope this young lady is alright, but I must say that if there were ever a woman who simply ran away with the band, this would be it.

If you do have any notions as to the whereabouts of this young lady, there’s a website for you, Good luck to all involved!


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2 Responses

  1. Astor says:

    From the website:

    In addition, the band Metallica is offering an additional $50,000 to the reward bringing it to $150,000 for Morgan’s safe return or information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Morgan’s disappearance.

    If she really ‘ran away with the band,’ why would they be offering a reward for her return?

    I think you show a tremendous lack of sensitivity in this post: Parents have lost their daughter, and you’re convinced (based on nothing but her appearance and her ‘missing’ poster) that she ran away to become a groupie. Very sad.

    I’ve read your other blog posts, and it seems you consider yourself a liberal. Isn’t the foundation of modern liberalism based in sympathy and respect? Indeed, I wouldn’t even expect a monster like Glenn Beck to write something so cold-hearted.


    P.s. I know you’ll delete this comment, but please read it first.

    • lacymacauley says:

      Hello Astor, I actually don’t really accept comments, especially since the cop-pulling-gun incident snowballed out of control. I seemed to have become the temporary spokesperson for the snowballers and it’s very disheartening to see how extremely mean so many people can be when they disagree with what small fragments of self are housed in one’s online personality.

      That said, I appreciate the civility of your comment. I actually expressed exactly your sentiments to friends over the holidays when talking about my post after having seen the poster, and I intended to change it or put up another post. After reading your comment, I decided to put up another post. You can view it at

      One small remark in my defense: I have actually known young women who have gone missing in Virginia purely of their own volition. In my early/mid twenties (ending about 2005) I was a vendor at music festivals and was based in Virginia. Sometimes people do psychadellic drugs for the first time and feel that they’ve found the meaning of life… that kind of thing. It still happens. So my point of view is perhaps a bit different from yours. That doesn’t make one of us right or wrong, just different.

      Thanks again for your comment. You were right. I could have been much more sensitive.


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