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breaking through the ice on valentines day

After forming throughout the winter, this natural ice sculpture collapsed to the ground ten seconds after I snapped a photo of it.

Ice sculptures can be breathtaking. But I’m a heat lover, and on this Valentine’s Day I prefer to meditate on the warm, tender side of life. People can spend their whole lives freezing their hearts, but like an ice sculpture the hardened heart can be melted, or it can break apart in a dramatic flash. That’s why I was moved when, today on Valentine’s Day, about ten seconds after I snapped a little photo of this fascinating sculpture, it slid off of the roof and was gone. It had been forming since the beginning of the winter on the rooftop of my friends Rita and Enrique Peralta, whose house I was visiting on this day for love.

A an ice sculpture on a day for love.

Ten seconds later it has collapsed, gives way to the blue sky.


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