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dreams of a health care social contract

During his health care reform ceremony earlier today at the White House, President Obama stated that the health care reform bill will “help lift a decades-long drag on our economy.” He also stated that the bill helped to create a “social network.” (I don’t think he meant Facebook or Myspace, I think he more meant “social contract.”) I wondered what the long view was that Obama saw. What is the terrain ahead?

Right now the US government pays out huge wads of cash for our military. This helps keep our production capacity high and keeps our economy afloat. If in the long run Obama wants to move toward real universal health care, and if in the long run he wanted to de-militarize our country, wouldn’t it be interesting if he were planning to shrink the government-funded military sector of our economy and grow the government-funded health care sector of our economy? It all comes out of the same bank account anyway, right?

This is the kind of stuff that I dream about.


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