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The wonderful folks at my workplace, Affinity Lab, getting busy with laptops and a hookah.

Wondering where I have my office home? Affinity Lab, where folks smoke hookah in the middle of the day while working on their laptops.

Affinity Lab is a space for creatives, for small and local businesses, small nonprofit organizations, and artists. It’s a space for builders, developers, and people working to follow their dreams. And I’m not just talking pipe dreams.

For a low monthly cost, members of Affinity Lab get either desk space or crash space on the couch. They get a fax machine, copy machine, a professional mailing address, all kept running by at two awesome staff members. There are two Affinity Lab locations. One in the heart of downtown Adams Morgan, in the same building as The Diner, and one right on the U Street strip, across from Velvet Lounge.

I’ve worked at Affinity Lab for two years, and I can tell you that it’s totally invigorating to be in these dynamic places. It helps you create and thrive. The free collaboration and helpful advice that you get when you’re in a room with web developers, news folks, writers, green technology builders, graphic designers, and neighborhood developers is an important way that being at Affinity Lab adds extra value and punch to everything you do. That makes it an excellent place for budget-stretching nonprofit organizations. It really is an amazing effect, and totally not monetized. It’s the barter system at work.

Affinity Lab is looking for new members now. Check us out!


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