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today protest bp in dc. tomorrow I’m off to New Orleans!

Today is Worldwide Protest BP Day. The point is to make sure that the oil company BP is held accountable for the oil disaster that is unfolding in the Gulf and threatening the Eastern seaboard. Please come out to the BP gas station at 5 PM, 14th & Euclid St NW, near the Columbia Heights metro station, to protest BP. Bring whatever sign or message you like – Arrest BP! Boycott BP! Save the Gulf!

Tomorrow I’m going to depart Washington DC for a trip to New Orleans, traveling with the Mobile Broadcast News team and protesting BP in every state in between here and New Orleans! We’ll be in a bus that runs on waste vegetable oil. Once we’re at the coast, we’ll be filming and talking to people who have been impacted by the oil disaster. In New Orleans, we’ll be assisting with communications to amplify the voices of those impacted by the disaster, those working to hold BP accountable, and many who feel that the oil disaster is a signal to move to clean, renewable energy, and place people and planet before profit.

Updates will be posted at I’ll also be updating this blog, and of course my Facebook and Twitter (below).

If you’d like to help me kick off my trip to New Orleans, please come out at 5 PM today to protest BP!

You can read more about Worldwide Protest BP Day on the Facebook Page. There’s also a CNN article about it.

For more information about the independent news project, Mobile Broadcast News: DONATIONS KEEP THE BUS RUNNING, and are always appreciated!


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