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BP bus tour! windmills, not oil spills

The BP bus tour kicked off at a vigorous action at a BP gas station in Washington DC on Worldwide BP Protest Day (Saturday, July 13.) The Mobile Broadcast News bus (which runs on waste vegetable oil) is going from DC to New Orleans and protesting BP all along the way. Our goal is to protest at a BP gas station in every state in between DC and New Orleans.

We’re departing DC today. We’ll be reaching the Gulf Coast at about the same time that President Obama will be there, and we’ll be taking the bus along the coast. We’ll be arriving in New Orleans on Tuesday evening, at about the same time that President Obama will be addressing the nation from the White House.

Every fossil fuels business, from giant oil mega-corporations, to tiny mom-and-pop franchises, must convert to wind and solar. Charging forward on gasoline is dangerous, for oil rig workers, for people on the coast, and for future generations who will bear the brunt of climate change. We should all charge forward the way we do it at Mobile Broadcast News, on clean, safe, sustainable energy! Windmills, not oil spills!

By protesting at BP stations, we aim to demonstrate that anyone can protest at a their local gas station and voice their outrage that BP has acted to pollute the Gulf Coast, potentially the entire Eastern seaboard and beyond. When we reach New Orleans, we’ll be assisting with communications to amplify the voices of those impacted by the disaster, those working to hold BP accountable, and many who feel that the oil disaster is a signal to move to clean, renewable energy, and place people and planet before profit.


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