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“I am not a victim.”

Video editing: Jesse Freeston, the Real News Network
Testimony filmed by: Billy Buntin
For more visit

A dose of inspiration! My testimony after being snatched from a peaceful G20 Jail Solidarity Rally, being thrown in the back of an unmarked van, and beaten, strangled, and manhandled. I was one of about 1,000 people taken that weekend by police. To date sixteen people are still being held in jail.

“I am not a victim,” I state in the video. That is to say that I do not feel traumatized, and I don’t feel like the police impacted me in a way that actually mattered – they did not get inside my head. We must not feel victimized by the acts of police violence that took place. Theirs is an illegitimate source of power, which is not as strong as ours, and our spirits must remain high – We are right, and we are winning. We cannot let their attempts to disempower, victimize, and silence us work. We must keep standing up for what is right!

If we are to build that better world that we all know is possible, we must keep our spirits high, and emerge strengthened against their guns, bars, and handcuffs. Our love and our wills are stronger than their chains and oppression. If we keep dismantling their oppressive foundation, they will crumble, and we will build a better world.

Lacy MacAuley


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