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I’m a free woman! My G20 case was withdrawn!

Some wonderful news! My case was withdrawn yesterday!

I came all the way from Washington DC to Toronto, Canada, where I’m checking in from a cute little coffee shop on Queen Street, to face the charge of “Assault of a Police Officer.” I was hit with this ridiculously false charge after I was arrested during the G20 summit weekend, manhandled, thrown into the back of an unmarked van, beaten and strangled.

Yesterday, the case was withdrawn after I stood in front of the judge for 30 seconds, just long enough for the prosecutor to say that they have no interest in pursuing my case. I am now a free woman. Now I’ll be able to pursue charges against the real criminals – the Toronto Police, starting with Officer Kevin Antoine, Toronto Police, Division 52, Badge #7880, who was one of the men who attacked me. Wish me luck!


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5 Responses

  1. Enny says:

    I was watching this documentary on g20 and you part come up, it made me so angry to hear what they did to you. i hope they get what they deserve.

    good luck

  2. hope says:

    lacy you are a brave and beautiful woman, please pursue the “men” who assaulted you in the civil courts, as “men” not “police officers”. They had absolutely no right to abduct and assault you. The animals that abducted you are the lowest of the low, undeserving the title “human”. No one deserves the abuse you received at the g20. It sickens me. The toronto PD has a lot to answer for, although they will never be properly sorted, they being the ‘police’ who never seem to have to face justice for criminal behavior. The ‘rules’ only seem to apply to us ‘little people’. They have proved themselves no better than any mafia thug or henchman. I pray the wounds inflicted by the animals of the Toronto PD, both mental and physical, heal and your person is not tainted or tarnished by the abuse you suffered at the hands of these idiots. The thought of a big fat stupid cop threatening to break your nose for observing him perform and illegal act of social violence makes me sick.

  3. bill says:

    How’s the case going against the assaulting officer? Your story of courage is inspiring.

  4. Nick von Buttlar says:

    GOODLUCK, i’m sorry my city treated you and many others in such a fucked up fashion

  5. luciditynow says:

    how can we follow your case?


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