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future of teflon

A brief poem by Lacy MacAuley

Teflon consciousness
sits on a curbside
next to the Colt 45 smashed and empty
waiting for the future of capitalism.
I have a stone in the center of the earth
that says yes, we can destroy the whole planet.
I have a cockroach in an overgrown Manhattan penthouse
that says yes, we can destroy all humanity.

The future is not yet written
but there are many who are grappling for the pen
and grasping for the pages.


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One Response

  1. Ian Macaulay says:

    I think that this is scary. Have you been following the current events over the Toronto thing? Of Course they will never charge the police but they should be brought back into society.

    CBC Radio The Best of The Sunday Edition September 26, 2010 had a short comment from a popular national commentator. I am trying to grab a mp3 for you.


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