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march on DC to call for more future, less IMF and less capitalism!

Activists with the IMF Resistance Network joined Jubilee USA, School of the Americas Watch, Pax Christie, and many other organizations and individuals for a march from the World Bank to the White House. We demand more future, less IMF and less capitalism!

A 21-foot “IMF loan shark” skeleton was crafted by Cesar Maxit and the DC51 arts collective to bring home the point that we want to see the extinction of the entire species of loan sharks and bankers!

“The IMF is an international loan shark. Kenya, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and so many countries have been victims of a shark attack. We want to see the IMF species go extinct,” said Cesar Maxit, architect of the shark skeleton puppet. “We hope images of shark skeletons will encourage people to imagine a world without the IMF.”

Eric LeCompte of Jubilee USA, a faith-based org that calls for debt to be cancelled to poor countries, said that they’d like to see the World Bank building, where the IMF and the World Bank were inside holding their annual October meetings, fall like Jericho, where “the walls came a-tumbling down.” We liked the sound of that!

Jubilee USA and supporters carried hundreds of feet of colorful paper chains made by hundreds of people all over the country to represent breaking the chains of debt. These chains were hung on the fence of the White House to call on the Obama Administration to cancel the debt that poor countries owe to the IMF and World Bank, as well as other financial institutions.


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