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winter breathes

A stream-of-consciousness poem by Lacy MacAuley

Winter breathes down upon me
and for the first time, I face it without
a partner to warm my side.

You are a gift to the earth,
but are you a gift to me?
My body and the red blood that runs through my veins
wants to invite you in,
pull you into the dance,
to frolic, to run over hills
until we plunge sleepy into the sparkling creeks of the valley.

I want to walk shoulder to shoulder with you.

And especially, as the chill wind rolls
through the barren branches,
living but, for now, not growing,
as the plants pull their energy down into their roots,
I long to be near you in soft refuges in the night
to swim in your smile, and in the center of your love.

But I may as well swim across the ocean.


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