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anti-fracking social hour generates electric crackle

Pittsburgh says "No Fracking Way!" to dangerous and destructive hyrdo-fracking gas drilling.

Activists, artists, and community members gathered at the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh Tuesday night for an anti-fracking social hour hosted by the Shadbush Collective, to warm up and gear up for tomorrow’s protest of the harmful process of hydro-fracking. The crowd enjoyed a meal together and heard from Loretta Weir, Lincoln Place resident and supporter of the ban on hydro-fracking within Pittsburgh city limits, on why all Pittsburgh residents should oppose drilling within city limits by attending a public hearing on November 4th and other actions.

As the crowd gathered and discussed plans for tomorrow, an electric crackle rose from the crowd to shout “NO FRACKING WAY!” to destructive gas drilling in Pennsylvania or Appalachia. Tomorrow they will be joined by thousands in the streets of Pittsburgh.

“It’s not just tomorrow, it’s about the emergence of a grassroots movement about it,” said Mel Packer, one of the organizers of tomorrow’s activities, who was present at the social hour. “The anger is building. It’s building all across the city, all across the state. People are making the connections that they’re not about to let their futures get ruined by private profit.”

Later in the evening, the Shadow Lounge was transformed into an open mic night, and activists stayed to enjoy the music and share a bit of their own work. Anti-fracking activist Shannon Ayala, also an artist based in New York City, planned to share his music and poetry:

We were driving, through a fracking land,
We were searching, for a metal hand,
Pointing, into the wind
saying, when will we begin
Sickness, sickness, sickness in Pennsylvania
who brought on, who brought on the mania
Big black gold, big black gold under ya
Who has sold, who has sold Pennsylvania?
– Shannon Ayala, “Beyond Horizon”


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