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luck dragon

A poem by Lacy MacAuley

luck dragons, now I know,seldom to good or evil go

I’m stepping out of a dragon’s lair
Still smokey from the crackling air
The luck dragon who dances there
has rhythm tangled in his hair

Nearer to the stars is nearer to the past
Holding a movement to make the morning last
We climbed closer but did not take flight
Our wings may open on some other night

What delicacies do dragons keep
if not maidens to help them sleep?
Unicorns to cast a spell with?
A fire tonic for hearts to melt with?

Lining their nests with golden words
with captured colors, songs they’ve heard,
luck dragons, now I know,
seldom to good or evil go
but weave and move in weaving lines
to neutral truth, serpentine
in their passage, covering ground
enough to circle many times round
the earth until they reach a speed
felt only by hearts wild and free,
something like the speed of light
into an eighth dimension flight.

This luck dragon heaved a lightning breath
through a cloud of charge into a unicorn’s depths.
Reactively they threw off sparks
to ignite their wooden, waiting hearts.


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