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hey DC Council, tax the rich, don’t cut from the poor!

“No tax breaks for corporations! Tax the rich, don’t cut from the poor!”

This was my message upon disrupting Tuesday’s budget vote at the Washington DC Council (as shown in the video). As US Congress discussed their own tax cuts to the rich, Empower DC and other Washington DC advocacy organizations were calling for a one percent tax increase to the city’s rich, especially millionaires, rather than cutting vital social services to low-income Washingtonians.

Adams Morgan ANC Commissioner Chris Otten and I disrupted the vote by standing in front of Vince Gray, the Council chair, holding up a banner and saying our piece. Other brave activists stood up as well and stated their objections to the proposed cuts. Our disruption was noted in the Washington Post blog, as well as other local news outlets.

The DC Council wants to slash the budget for important services such as assistance for grandparents taking care of their grandchildren (there are many in this city), food subsidies for mothers taking care of their children, and valuable job training for residents. And this at a time when the city’s unemployment rate is nigh on 20%. A “millionaire’s tax” would raise enough revenue to pay for all of these services, but the DC Council is unwilling to tap this potentially vast source of revenue.


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2 Responses

  1. Ian Macaulay says:

    You go Lacy! I am amazed at your stamina, saw you on the TV again as they rebroadcast the Toronto episode. Sure hope you are watching what is going on here with that episode because it will affect the future.

  2. `yeh!
    the Keep It Simple Sensible “tax the rich”
    I can’t remember seeing it any where else since a documentary about the 1930’s
    The new Trouble with Billionaires by Linda McQuaig is reassuring in a sometimes lonely complaint.
    encouragement and best wishes in this holiday season. Cures

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