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hula hooping at the National Association of Broadcasters to say, “Stop making community radio jump through hoops”

Yes, that's me hula hooping on Democracy Now and chanting "Free the airwaves!"

On Monday I hula hooped in front of the National Association of Broadcasters to ask them to stop the “hoopla” and support low-powered community radio. Community radio and independent media is an essential part of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but the NAB wants to kill a bill that would free the airwaves so that more people could use FM radio to communicate and make their voices heard.

Gordon Smith, the chief of the NAB, is rumored to be walking the halls of Congress lately, meeting with our legislators, to try to kill the Local Community Radio Act (HR 1147 and SB 592). This bill would make the airwaves far more democratic by making it easier for communities to start their own radio stations. Low-powered radio is essential to local fire departments, independent media, and other emergency responders. If you have a chance, please call your Congressperson to tell them to support these bills!

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