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red moon solstice ~ it’s been quite a year

From the streets of Wall Street, to the mountains of Appalachia, from New Orleans to Pittsburgh to Toronto, the moon has borne witness to an incredible year for me. As I watched this celestial body emerge from the eclipse on a red moon solstice, I saw myself entering a new phase.

I marked the red moon solstice from the top of a snowy mountaintop on the Appalachian Trail, bundled in blankets with three fellow adventurers. As the moon went from a silvery white orb, then passing into the accidental shadow of the earth, growing to the full red of a hawk’s eye, I saw the moon as a grandmother. She watches over the small comings and goings of all of us, from the great deeds we do to the moments we’re not as proud of.

The moon has borne witness to an incredible year for me.

January found me emceeing a rally in the cold streets of New York, just off of Wall Street, calling for a fair, effective carbon tax policy, shoulder to shoulder with the renowned climate scientist James Hansen.

In February I was giving voice to Egyptian workers, rising up against unfair working conditions and a global economy that has left them on the receiving end of unfair trade policy and crippling external debt to institutions like the IMF.

In the early March I was in the mountains of rural Appalachia offering media relations workshops at the movement-building Mountain Justice Spring Break to save the mountains from the harmful practice of mountaintop removal coal mining.

On April 1, I amped up an April Fools Day prank on Pepco, our local supplier of energy sourced from mountaintop removal coal mining. Later that day we took the streets on roller skates and bikes for our “Fossil Fools Day Parade.” On April 16, we took to the DC streets again to oppose the IMF and World Bank, in an action I helped organize, accidentally getting arrested as we chanted “Down with the IMF! Down with the World Bank!”

As a result of my efforts in May, the Washington Post Style section front page featured black male DC high school students talking about their love for reading and academics and confidence in being accepted to a good college.

In June I was starting to get antsy about the BP oil spill and I had to see it for myself. I rode a veggie oil bus down to New Orleans, protesting BP all the way and reporting what I saw. Afterwards, I boarded an airplane for Toronto, Canada to protest the G20. While reporting and protesting there, I was arrested and assaulted, launching me onto the front page of major Canadian news sources, the New York Times, CNN, and other major news outlets.

During the steamy month of August, I ran much of the media operations for Tent City DC, reclaiming an empty plot of land in the Shaw neighborhood and calling for affordable housing in the District. Later in the month, the charges from the G20 arrest were dropped.

As the weather began to cool in September, I made some space for poetry, song, and love. I sent waves through the  electronic universe for Appalachia Rising, the largest march ever for mountain justice, and helped with media relations.

October is my favorite month. The trees become brilliant, showing their true colors underneath the necessary green chloroform. I helped to organize a feisty and fantastic march on the World Bank building, featuring a giant “IMF loan shark” and bright-colored paper “chains of debt,” making it into the news many times over. We had a raging punk show, taking to the street directly afterwards. The IMF Resistance Network (in its current form) had had its first major, successful weekend of action! At the end of the month, my sisters and I hosted our annual Halloween birthday bash! I exited the month covered head to foot in gold paint, dressed as Athena, the just warrior goddess.

November found me in Pittsburgh to oppose hydraulic fracturing gas drilling, supporting the media relations apparatus for the largest demonstration yet to end this incredibly destructive type of drilling.

This December I was surprised to be named as Press Action’s Reporter/Activist of the Year. This month I’ve been vocal in supporting social services in DC, as the DC Council discusses slashing valuable services like childcare and job training, and standing up against the DC government’s tax breaks to corporations. I hula hooped to support community radio, and hosted a money-free zone called the Really Really Free Market.

This has been quite a year, and there’s much more that I could write about. As the moon emerged last night from shadow, I saw myself entering a new more intensive phase of being me, and of working to make the world a place where each life is worth the same, we are all fully expressed as whole people, and we are truly free. The earth turns. Everyone turns with it.

And as the night descends on this red moon solstice, I wish all of you a productive, fulfilling new year full of joy, peace, equality, passion, and love!


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