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each word a stone to throw

A poem by Lacy MacAuley

Eliminating laws, opening trade, deregulating the market
has put us in a prison.

Cold austerity, chilling strictures
have ignited us and caused the streets to burn.

The largest sums of money paid by the hugest banks
have only caused more poverty.

The neoliberal world
is one in which the most basic sense is backwards, upside down.
It is as false as a mirror,
turning backwards all that is trusted, reversing that which is true.
A glass world of pomp and doublespeak.

And who is to say that a single strategic brick – red and sure as the hand on the drum, as the red human blood pumping through my raised fist, as red as the veins of the earth scratched raw by their bulldozers – who is to say that a single strategic brick could not bring down this house of mirrors?

An angry god once told a people
and it was written
that if they denied the one true god
the stones would cry out the truth.

This third rock from the sun is hurling through space.
It carries with it all humanity,
a delicate warm atmosphere shelters and births our dreams
as any mother shelters the children inside her.

This rock is warming. It’s warming.
She is preparing to erupt and burn off the gas
and debris like dried leaves,
leaving a scorched earth with no houses
no refuges for paper money.

The old, the strong, will survive
as old trees in the forest.
Even when the surface burns,
there is a living core
with the strength of life.

And if Mother Earth is a rock
hurling through space
then let us hurl stones to save her.

Let my fists of resistance
be as hard as the grey granite forces of oppression
that we seek to dismantle.

Let each word I speak be a stone to throw,
an assault.

Let every drop of blood in my veins
be a weapon

to break their prisons
to break their banks
to blast apart their hierarchies
that have their gloved hands
closed tightly around our throats.

The earth will REVOLT.

She will crush these little constructions
and bring down their palaces.

There will be no use for the manmade here,
only the WILD.


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