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video: i disrupted the corrupt, secret negotiations for Trans-Pacific Partnership


Today I disrupted negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a NAFTA-on-meth trade deal that’s being made in secret, behind closed doors. With two other Occupy DC activists, Marc Smith and Christopher Bartlo, we snuck into this secret meeting in its faraway conference center in Leesburg, Virginia, and performed a “mic check.” We were escorted from the building by security and police, and threatened with arrest. After being detained by police for about 30 minutes, we were given an official stay-away order from the conference center where negotiations were taking place. We were not formally charged with any crime.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will impact 40% of the earth’s population, says the office of the U.S. Trade Representative. As an international treaty, it overrides all of the domestic law that’s currently being negotiated in Congress. It will raise Medicare and Medicaid drug prices, as well as prices on life-saving drugs  in all countries who are part of the agreement, give corporations and Wall Street banksters even more unlimited power, and encourage more terrible destruction of the environment.

Here’s more, from the Occupy DC YouTube post:

Occupy DC activists disrupt secret negotiations at the Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting in Leesburg, VA, September 12, 2012. Three Occupy activists snuck into the Financial Services meeting part of the negotiations. They “mic checked” the negotiations, then were escorted out of the building by security guards and police.

This trade deal is being made behind closed doors and in secret. It is a 1% trade deal and undermines the 99%. The laws currently being negotiated in Congress will be negated by this trade deal, as international treaties like these trump domestic law. This is something that everything should be protesting, unless you’re a wealthy bankster.

This deal serves the wealthy, corporate elite and the 1% and undermines the 99%. It rips apart local economies, raises prices on life-saving drugs, including Medicare and Medicaid drugs in the United States, benefits Wall Street banksters and wealthy capitalists, gives corporations the ability to trample the environment, and undermine the power of the 99%. We reject this trade deal, and the process by which it is being negotiated. We are the 99%!

The countries who are negotiating the agreement are: The United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.


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