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metamorphosis path


a poem by Lacy MacAuley

Glass cage that I cannot see
You will crack under pressure, break into a hundred pieces
As I shattered all those that came before you
My hammer knows the joy of your obliteration
My eyes know that freedom looks like the sun glinting off of
your shards casting themselves in a thousand directions
My ears know the fast-wavelength music of your destruction

You did not see my necklace of skulls?
You did not notice the blood upon my lips?
You did not hear the song of lush verdance that I leaveĀ in the hollow of each footstep?

If you think death is near
you’re right.
Something unfamiliar exists beyond.
It pulls you forward whether you will to go or not.

You are the object that began in a star furnace
Fate cooled you, made you rock and soil
Ignited by the fire of life, you became animal
The wheel of time will turn again
and you will become another miracle

And you are afraid to take one more step
upon the path?
This path has carried you through
super nova explosions, lava flows
being breathed in and being breathed out
by countless creatures that gave you life

This sacred path has been your destiny until this moment
It has been yours alone ~ your unique strand through time
Expansion is inevitable
though breaking through the next cage will exact blood

Place that beautiful foot in front of you, creature of so many sacred forms
We await your next joyful metamorphosis
join your way of enlightenment


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