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no, radicals don’t need liberals

Radicals dream of something new, and go out into the streets to demand it. Liberals seek to protect the status quo. How many liberals in one city block will defend our electoral system, falsely claiming that if only we only eliminate the corrupting effect of out-of-control campaign contributions, all will be well? Or defend our prison system, claiming that we don’t have a better method for keeping “safe”? Or say that we need “police accountability” without seeing the systemic-violence forest for the trees? Or chase some sort of green capitalism pipe dream, when we need real solutions to climate change? Halfway solutions will get us only part of the way there.

Some may define a radical by the person’s willingness to engage in civil disobedience. But this is only one tiny manifestation of what makes a real radical: A vision that is so vast and transformative that it compels a person to act entirely outside the dominant paradigm, because the dominant paradigm is a false and insane set of 3D glasses that only pretends to depict real life. I do not wish to live in a world in which we radicals are used as a tool of liberals so that they can achieve their policy objectives. No, my friends, I do not see radicals and liberals as needing each other (as stated in this article:…/…/15, which prompted this post smile emoticon ). I see radicals as the real visionaries. Liberals are the ones telling us to be practical, sell out, compromise. But our dreams do not stop on this side of the horizon. We dream outside the margins of the systems that liberals hold dear. Radicals don’t need liberals to wash out and dilute what we are really aiming for. Please, my friends, let yourself dream bigger, and dream in full color!!

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