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a year and a half now…

10407054_10205075148466236_881903299741912858_nIt has been a year and half since I moved out of a life of nonstop activism in Washington DC and into the rolling mountains of Floyd, Virginia. What has changed?

~ I get enough sleep on most nights.
~ I see the stars and Milky Way, and I always know the moon cycle.
~ I have stopped drinking, all but the occasional sipper.
~ My daily chronic pain level has gone from a 7 or 8 to maybe a 2. Huge.
~ When I can, I stop to actually find out how people are doing.
~ I know how plants grow. I mean, now I really know.
~ I’ve renewed my promise to myself that I will never, never sell out.
~ My heart has been broken and is becoming stronger than it ever was.
~ I have a relationship with a river.
~ I have re-learned how to sing!
~ I smile a different smile.
~ I breathe.

Knowing what I know now, what I see and feel, I gradually begin to integrate back into the work that I was doing ~ fighting to defend Mother Earth, justice, connection, fairness, love. The most incredible journey has been the one that I’ve taken within. It’s been worth every minute of it.


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