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my fellow white women, let’s prevent racism

A little heartfelt note to my fellow white women. Let’s prevent racism in this country, not perpetuate it!

We occupy the middle ground between privilege. We grew up knowing what it was like to be silenced, what it was like to be lesser, what it was like to have to smile through the silent oppression that slowed us down, told us to be careful and behave, ridiculed us, and talked down to us. We also know privilege, because the shade of our skin opens doors and places us on a shelf of unspoken acceptability. We are allowed to be in the halls of power (as long as we are quiet).

We can choose to use our wisdom to enlighten others, to open the door for others, to build the inclusive world that we want to live in. Let’s not choose to blindly accept the mistrust and divisions of our fathers. My fellow white women, let’s choose a wiser path.


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