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G20 Summit, preparation and protest

The G20, the Group of 20 countries, just met in Antalya, Turkey. I am here to amplify local voices of resistance, and attend and write about the G20 protests. I’m joined by Ariel Vegosen, fierce campaigner for justice. Here’s a breakdown of some of our activities at the G20 Summit.

PREPARATION FOR G20 SUMMIT, meeting with local activists:

Ariel and I were at the Antalya offices of the Türkiye Gençlik Birliği (TGB), or Turkish Youth Party, for planning the G20 protests on Sunday. The TGB are planning a “surprise” at the protest. Turkish flags adorned the meeting room in their office. As we met, images of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk looked on us with a stern gaze.


We also engaged in sign-making, music playing, and other fun activities with some local students we met.

And, I wrote an article for Common Dreams about the resistance to the G20 that I was finding here in Turkey.

PROTEST DAY 1, main day of action:

Protests in Antalya sent a clear message against US imperialism, the G20, neoliberalism. 35 protesters have been arrested in the city. Meetings of world leaders, and protests by the people of the world, continue for a second day. Ariel and I joined in this inspiring day of resistance. At one point we even led the march.


Two groups organized protests. First, the TGB, who are secularist, militarist, and aligned with the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. These TGB supporters marched neatly with red and white signs and Turkish flags. They marched in columns, and had coordinated closely with local police to hold a permitted march. Second were the Öğrenci Kolektifleri, the local student collectives. Protesters in the student group did not have a permit to march. In a third direct action, several students began walking toward the G20 barricades to deliver a letter to the G20 representatives. More than 35 people were arrested

PROTEST DAY 2, follow-up actions:

G20 protests to oppose G20 policies, imperialism, and neoliberalism, and stand in solidarity with the arrestees and support the right to protest. More than 35 people were arrested yesterday, according to organizers. Those arrested were detained while still at their homes, walking to the protests, or walking to deliver letters to the G20 in an act of civil disobedience. At least 20 were released within one day.

The G20 summit is now over, and President Obama and world leaders are going home. They leave us with… not much.


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