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terrorism in the United States

Terrorists in the United States. Shots were fired at a #BlackLivesMatter protest for the second night in a row by white supremacists.

I was recently in Turkey for the G20. Now I am in Paris for the climate summit. Folks back home are worried about terrorism in both of these places. And I understand. There was recently a bombing of a peace protest in Ankara, Turkey. And the Paris attacks rattled the world. Both were the worst attacks these countries had seen in a long time.

But I also could have been at a ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ protest in the United States, and been just as vulnerable. White extremists in the US are doing exactly the same thing that ISIL is doing. Call them by their name: Terrorists.

We will not end this violence through more violence. Stop systemic racism. Stop nationalist oppression. Stop imperialism. Stop the violence.


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