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on climate, keep working, keep pushing

Protest works! I’m thankful to have been part of history in Paris, as part of the civilian uprising to pressure our COP21 officials to take meaningful action on climate change. Activists and protesters have been fighting to save humanity and the planet, and the Paris accord signed this weekend is a step forward, though much more work is needed. Island nations and indigenous groups were at the front of the charge calling for climate justice. Radicals were there to remind powers that be that their control is provisional. The good people of the earth came together to defend love, the future, and all living things.

Like many of us, I’m taking a few days to recover from the awesome intensity of resistance. I’m still working through the COP21 final declaration and what it means. Some have said that, though there are problems with the text, it moves us in the right direction. Some say the agreement is a failure without a real action plan. Either way, we have to keep working and keep pushing.

Thanks to everyone who has ever been in the streets for the climate, supported, or raised your voice for a better world. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!!


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