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Turkey, France, Germany, seven weeks

Back in the USA and full of gratitude for all of the pure hearts and souls who struggle for justice, including those who just fight for existence. Turkey, France, and Germany in seven weeks.

As for climate, we must keep fighting. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. It’s tragic that the ones known as our “leaders” are so reluctant to just do the right thing that we must, with our resistance and protest, pull them to our Red Line on climate. It is we the people who are leading, while our “leaders” slow down the action that we need. The Paris climate accord is a lot of promising language, but they still have not drawn a plan to bring these words into reality. If they will not act, why have these “leaders” at all?

With all of the love in our hearts, with all of the clarity in our eyes, with all of the strength in our legs, we must keep going. It is we the people who are leading


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