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“irregular migration” on ancient migration routes


Driving along the rim of the Mediterranean. An ancient migration route as old as humanity’s recorded history. Next week, if all goes as planned, I should be actually at my first refugee camp, near Izmir, Turkey, on the Aegean Sea.

This is a crucial time for refugees in this country, as the EU-Turkey summit this past week has resulted in an inhumane deal that supposedly cuts off “irregular migration” into Europe. By “irregular,” I assume they mean “illegal,” but I wonder, how can this migration be so irregular when these migration routes existed in antiquity?

Though the deal still leaves open the official refugee status for Syrians, it creates a situation that makes sea crossings and other parts of the journey more perilous. Refugees have been further reduced by the deal to bargaining chips, not people in need of our help. I hope that future discussions can yield some respect for human rights and basic dignity for people who have been forced into tough circumstances.


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