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bombing in Ankara leads to more bombs dropped in Kurdish regions


STANDING WITH ANKARA, TURKEY. My heart goes out to the families of all who have perished. Here in Turkey, many are mourning the loss of loved ones. At least 34 are dead in a car bomb blast in Turkey’s capital city, and many more are injured. This is the fourth major terror attack in the past five months.

The attack occurred in Guven Park, Ankara, in a central commercial hub where the everyday moments of life occur for everyday people ~ shopping, catching the bus, meeting friends, and sipping tea from corner cafes. This was a brutal, cruel attack aimed at harming as many people as possible.

But I’m also concerned at the Turkish government’s response. They have named the PKK (Kurdish militia) as the responsible party, and immediately conducted a fresh wave of aerial bombings in Kurdish-held areas. All warfare and terrorism is inhumane. However, aerial bombings are horrors that put all lives at risk, regardless of whether a person is young, old, sick, well, a fighter, or just a passerby. Car bombs are violent and deplorable, and so are aerial bombings.

We must STOP THE VIOLENCE on both sides.


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