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another suicide bomb

Istanbul mourning. As the Western world wakes up to yet another suicide bomb here in Turkey, it’s worth asking when we start taking real action against this horrendous violence. When do we start leading with the heart?

This hits close to home, and not just because I am here in Antalya, Turkey. In November, I stayed right on Istiklal Street, where today’s bombing occurred, and walked many times by the bomb site. On a Saturday afternoon in November, I was happily strolling through the area, following the mesmerizing old city side streets, exploring the city of Istanbul. On this Saturday afternoon in March, people lost their lives to a cruel attack.

Six days ago, a bomb blast ripped through the capital city of Ankara. It was claimed by the Kurdish fighters, as revenge for the many bombs dropped by Turkish jets on Kurdish cities. The Turkish government responded to the bomb with more aerial attacks this week. Indiscriminate, senseless death on all sides ~ even for those who have not chosen a side. Eyes closed forever, dreams lost, love extinguished.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Please stop the violence, and start leading with the heart.


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