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Adams Morgan Romance

A (highly fictitious!) poem by Lacy MacAuley

Leaving Affinity Lab on a Saturday night
I hurried down the stairs
I stepped out on 18th Street baby
And I breathed in the Adams Morgan air

There you were locking up your bike
Right by the Diner line
Didn’t you work at City Bikes?
Did you repair my spoke that time?

I decided I would get you drunk
And see what happened then
There was something about that fixed-gear frame
That was a-making my tires spin Read the rest of this entry »


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in New Orleans, they’re joking like mad at BP

How do New Orleanians deal with being mad as hell? They make jokes about it.

Cute T-shirt on Bourbon Street refers to foot-in-mouth Tony Hayward.

A sign in the Marigny keeps it simple: "BP SUX"

A Louisiana man proudly displays his purchase, near Jackson Square.

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pepco has been “fossil fooled”

The Greenwash Guerillas strike again! On April Fools Day, we played a fun prank on Washington DC’s main energy provider, Pepco.

In the wee hours of the morning on April 1, we stuck fake Pepco customer letters on thousands of doors. The letters said that “Pepco is going green,” and promised that Pepco would switch to 100% wind and solar energy by 2020. It further announced that Pepco would be canceling proposed rate hikes, and instructed customers that they should contact Pepco’s customer service line to see if they qualify for a “renewable energy rate discount.”

Then we sent out a fake press release with the phony URL (Some very talented folks were able to create a mock-up website that looked almost identical to Pepco’s.) We also had our own “go phone” number listed as the number for the real-world Pepco press contact. Very early yesterday morning, we called TV and radio news desks with the news that “Pepco is going green.” Local Fox figured out our hoax and picked it up with the headline “Pepco Victim of April Fools Day Hoax.” Then we called friends at Washington Post and gave them the exclusive story that listed the group’s name “Greenwash Guerillas” and gave other details that no other outlet had. The Post ran a wonderful story on it that afternoon.

David Fahrentold of the Washington Post writes:

…Pepco put out a statement saying that the letter and the Web site were fake.

“We have been alerted that a bogus Web site and other false communications posing as Pepco were issued today. This bogus Web site is not secure and does not represent Pepco,” Pepco said on its Web site.

“Some folks really did a good job,” Pepco spokesman Clay Anderson said this morning. “But it ain’t us.”

Fahrenthold quoted me in his article as well:

A group called the Greenwash Guerrillas claimed responsibility for the hoax. Lacy MacAuley, a spokeswoman for the group, said the group has about 40 members and is a year old.

MacAuley said that the group had placed about 3,000 letters around Washington and suburban Maryland. She called it “greenwash guerrilla warfare,” against people identified as “perpetrators,” promoting policies that worsen climate change.

What a fun prank. Afterwards we did a victory lap to celebrate, a mobile dance party through Adams Morgan and down U Street with about thirty beautiful dancing people. Then we danced into the distance… but the Greenwash Guerillas will return next April Fools Day to prank the fossil fuel industry, I promise.

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“missing” the point

Morgan Harrington went missing from a Metallica concert in mid-October in Charlottesville, Virginia. For more info visit

In November I made a little joke about a “MISSING” poster that I had seen while in Staunton, Virginia. The poster was for Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student who went missing in mid-October, last seen at a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, Virginia. When I saw the poster she had been missing for just over a month. I joked that she had probably run away with the band.

Time has gone by, and Morgan Harrington has not been found. Also, Metallica has contributed a full $50,000 reward to anyone with information as to her whereabouts. It’s become pretty clear that this is no joke.

I am from Virginia. As a young woman I often went galavanting alone through the hills, valleys, and beaches of Virginia to visit friends, attend music festivals, and enjoy the great outdoors. Now that so much time has gone by and this young woman is still missing, it doesn’t seem like she is just off somewhere enjoying herself. I’m pretty disturbed by this kidnapping.

If you have any information about Morgan Harrington, please visit the site to learn more. The tip line is (434) 352-3467. You can also send tips to

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